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Heavy Seas Deep Six
Heavy Seas Deep Six

Heavy Seas Deep Six

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Heavy Seas Deep Six
Heavy Seas Deep Six
Heavy Seas Deep Six (Brown Porter) with 6.8 ABV by Clipper City Brewing Company...
Style:Porter > Brown Porter
ABV:6.8 %
Availability:Seasonal (Winter)
Packaging:12oz bottle, Draft (or Draught)
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Heavy Seas Deep Six
Rich, malty, and complex with a surprisingly dry finish, this robust English-style porter is never cloying and wonderfully drinkable. A dense tan head portends the chocolate, roasty, brownie batter flavor. Maris Otter malt, imported from the UK, imparts a deep nuttiness accentuated by a unique English yeast strain. This cheeky yeast generates subtle pear, apple and strawberry esters that gently contribute to its depth of flavor.
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Clipper City Brewing Company
Clipper City Brewing Company
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Address: 4615 Hollins Ferry Rd,
Suite B,
Maryland 21227,
United States
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