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Heurich Senate Beer, once DC’s

For Washington D.C. craft beer lovers, happy hours at the Heurich House Museum on June 14 felt like a trip to Jurassic Park.

Except instead of dinosaurs, the “Brewmaster’s Castle” on Dupont Circle had brought Senate Beer back from the dead.

And it tasted refreshing and delicious.

Heurich Senate Beer poster
Senate Beer sign

The golden pilsner was the flagship beer for five decades for The Christian Heurich Brewing Co., the largest brewery in Washington D.C. and last package brewery in the district until DC Brau opened its doors in 2011.

First introduced in the 1880s, Senate Beer enjoyed a run unlike any other brew of its time and was the star in much of the company’s marketing and advertising. The Senate label was Heurich’s mainstay before and after Prohibition and survived until the brewery closed in 1956.

While the beer disappeared from bars and store shelves, Senate Beer memorabilia though has stuck around in antique shops and thrift shops.

But on this day, Senate Beer — real cold, liquid

Source: DC Beer

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