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Highland Brewing Company | Cold Mountain Release, November 10th

20 years of Cold Mountain. How awesome is that?! We get our fair share of Cold Mountain here in fabulous Knox-vegas but we know many make the trek to Highland each year for the release. Details on this year’s release below including a very special addition for the 20th anniversary, an Imperial Cold Mountain. Congrats to Highland Brewing Company on 20 years of this beer, we’re looking forward to it!

———————————PRESS RELEASE———————————

Highland Brewing Company’s Cold Mountain to Release November 10

Asheville, NC (9/27/17) — Imagine calling a business meeting on a Sunday, in the morning, without serving coffee. Then add instructions: Don’t eat breakfast or drink coffee before arriving, and IF you brush your teeth, make it at least an hour before you arrive. As the group leader, you’d rightly expect attendance to hover near zero. But there is a time and place where everyone shows up. Hungry and uncaffeinated, employees arrive at Highland Brewing Company for one Sunday morning assignment: d

Source: Knox Beer Snobs

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