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Hopfest 2020!

So, why attend the DC Brewer’s Guild Hopfest? For starters, it’s more affordable than other festivals. Hopfest tickets can be yours for $45 (VIP tickets are $75). And those Hopfest tickets directly benefit the DC Brewer’s Guild, not some out of town company. Also worth noting that unlike other fests, (or, like some more expensive ones) the brewers themselves are there, so you can chat them up, nerd out, and seek brewing and fermenting advice.

DC Brewer's Guild Hopfest 2020

Compare it to another Fest, let’s say which hypothetically benefits a California-based event-planning organization, who might also produce LA Beer Fest, Chicago Beer Fest, Miami Beer Fest and the Santa Monica Wine Festival. Hopfest keeps it local and supports an organization that supports DC brewers. Not some guy in California (we love you California, please keep sending us your best beers).

There is only one Hopfest in DC and it’s on March 14. Entering its sixth year, the festival has grown and is hosted at DC’s oldest production brewer

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