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14c - Imperial IPA
14c - Imperial IPA

14C. Imperial IPA

Reference: 14C
Style: Imperial IPA
Category: India Pale Ale (IPA)
Summary: An intensely hoppy, very strong pale ale without the big maltiness and/or deeper malt flavors of an American barleywine.
BJCP 2008: Click here to see the full Beer Style description.
Examples: Russian River Pliny the Elder, Three Floyd’s Dreadnaught, Avery Majaraja, Bell’s Hop Slam, Stone Ruination IPA, Great Divide Hercules Double IPA, Surly Furious, Rogue I2PA, Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial India Pale Ale, Stoudt’s Double IPA, Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA, Victory Hop Wallop


14c - Imperial IPA
14c – Imperial IPA

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