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Interview: Garrett Marrero, Maui Brewing Company

Garrett Marrero Maui Brewing Company

Where did you grow up and how did you first get into craft beer?
I grew up in San Diego. It was just starting to become the amazing beer scene that it is today when I left to go to college, I’m stoked that I get to visit so often and be a part of the beer community there.  My stepdad, Greg, and my Opa, Bob, were into (then called) “microbrews”.  They’d bring home all kinds of cool beers, Pete’s became a staple.  Funny side story is I’ve had the opportunity to become friends with Pete Slosberg of “Pete’s” fame, I cut my teeth on that beer.  Moving on to college and beyond I always loved to sample the “local beers” wherever I would travel.  My first Maui vacation back in 2001 I fell in love with Hawaii and by 2003 I was trying to figure out how to move and open a brewery to bring authentic Hawaiian beer to Maui.

What lead you to Maui and starting Maui Brewing Company?
I was in the financial field and fell a bit out of love with what I did.  I had always loved craft beer and it just mad

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