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Interview: Hawaii Nui Brewing Company Owner Dr. Paul DeMare


A little over a year ago, one of Hawaii’s few breweries was sold out of bankruptcy to a relatively unknown buyer. Long time Honolulu oncologist, Dr. Paul DeMare, beat out a slew of other bidders to purchase Hawaii Nui and Mehana Brewing Company based in Hilo. Many wondered, why a life long doctor, would purchase a struggling brewery. I recently got a chance to sit down with Dr. DeMare to find out more about why he decided to buy the brewery and what his plans are for reviving the company. Mehana cans are now back on the market with Hawaii Nui products coming later this summer.

How did you come to buy Hawaii Nui/Mehana Brewing Company?
I was on vacation and my neighbor had collected a bunch of newspapers for me. I was going through them on Memorial Day weekend. I saw that the brewery had gone bankrupt and there was essentially going to be a sale of it. The dollar amount that was in the paper was really quite low. I have an interest in the Big Island because I used to work there doing r

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