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Interview: Jason Hayes – Underground Wine Merchants

Beer passes through a lot of hands on it’s way from the brewery to your glass. Often the middleman in the process, the distributor or wholesaler, is the silent mover of goods. We don’t ever really see them, yet they play such an important role in the process of making sure your favorite beer gets to your favorite bar or shop.

Over the past two years in Hawaii we’ve seen an explosion of new breweries distributing to the state and we can thank the work of our local distributors. The distributors are the ones actively working on acquiring new and exciting brands to introduce to the market and then they make sure all of that amazing beer lands safely on the island.

One of the newest players in the distribution game is Underground Wine Merchants (UWM), headed by Jason Hayes. A veteran of the distribution business, Jason decided to strike out on his own about 2 years ago and has quickly built an impressive lineup of amazing breweries. We can thank UWM for the likes of Knee Deep, Heretic a

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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