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Interview: Nani Moon Meadery – Owner Stephanie Krieger

Mead is a drink that has always had a mystical allure for me. It can be directly tied to the land and air of the place it is made. Much like the terroir found in wine, one can trace the roots of mead back to a direct place where natures true work horses, bees, live and produce their sweet and magical honey. That honey has a intimate connection to the area in which the bees live and feed, which is reflected in the flavor and aroma. When you taste honey made in Hawaii, you are tasting the land and flora of that particular area.

Hawaii’s incredibly diverse natural ecosystem provides bees with dozens of different plants to feed and pollinate, creating a wonderful array of different types of honeys. It seems only natural that someone would take advantage of this abundant natural resource to make mead. Tucked away, in a sleepy corner of Kauai, is Nani Moon Meadery, Hawaii’s only meadery. There Stephanie Krieger has been quietly brewing up batches of mead for almost 10 years, sourcing local h

Source: Beer in Hawaii

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