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Interview: Sandi Shriver & Ryan McVeigh – Kona Brewing Company

Ryan and Sandi Kona Brewing

For those of us on Oahu, we don’t have much of a connection with Kona Brewing Company. Yes, we’ve probably have all had a Longboard Lager and if you live near Hawaii Kai, visit the pub there. But we can’t easily visit the brewery and rarely see any of the specialty beers here. If you’ve visited the Kona pub, you know it’s always stocked with a wide array of locally brewed beers. The Kona brewery is a busy place, cranking out about 12,000 barrels per year, all of which is sold in the state. Most of the specialty beers never make it out of Kona, because the demand there for them is so high.

Because of the great distance between islands in Hawaii, we never get to see the real people that make up the team in the Kona brewery. I was lucky enough to meet Brewmaster, Ryan McVeigh, in April at the Honolulu Beer Festival and recently met Brewery Operations Manager, Sandi Shriver, at the Cicerone exam held at Kona’s offices. Together they manage a team of over 12 people who are brewing some fan

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