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Is This the Beer List That Saves SAVOR?

Among beer nerds in the DC area, there’s a question that arises annually: is SAVOR dead? Inevitably we kick the question around endlessly for the weeks leading up to SAVOR and continue the debate while drinking at the awe-inspiring list of events put on by area beer bars during “SAVOR Week”, attending the big show itself, being more or less satisfied, and then determining that, “nah, it’s not dead yet” before the entire cycle repeats itself again the following year.

It’s true that SAVOR was annually the hottest beer ticket in town four to five years ago. Tickets would sell out within the first hour, if not half hour. Those in the beer industry whose breweries were on the outside looking in called in all manner of favors to get their hands on tickets. Last year, tickets were available at a reasonable price right up until the two-day event, and surplus tickets within the industry weren’t that hard to come by. Pick your favorite metaphor: the wind is out of the sails, it has lost its mome

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