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It’s a Trappist!

Here’s this (or is it last?) week’s On Tap column for The Advocate. It was originally published here.

We’re now officially into Lenten season, when many people make sacrifices like giving up sweets, soda or beer. (Why would anyone give up beer? That’s like giving up oxygen. But I digress.)

Instead of giving up this fine fermented beverage, I suggest incorporating more beer brewed by monks into your routine to make you feel more holy.

Monastery breweries in Europe date back to the Middle Ages, and there are many thriving today. The Trappist Order is the most widely known of these, and there are strict rules these monks must adhere to.

Today, there are 11 Trappist breweries, most of which are located in central Europe. The International Trappist Association was formed in 1997 to prevent non-Trappist breweries from taking advantage of the name.

Among the rules the Trappist breweries must adhere to:

The beer must be brewed by monks within the walls of a Trappist monastery.
The brewery must

Source: The Ale Runner

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