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James Warren celebrates his second year at Blue Corn Brewery


It was quite the event.

Editor’s note: Ever have some serious issues with a particular website? Yeah, Luke feels your pain. After battling with WordPress for the better part of a week, we finally got everything working again for him. Thus, at last, we have his recap of a recent event a little later than planned. — S

Recently, James Warren celebrated his second year at Blue Corn Brewery in style. At one of Blue Corn’s famous Thursdays at the Brewer’s Table, 57 souls sat around the dining room in his honor. These brewery folks, home brewers, and beer enthusiasts came together to celebrate the brains behind Santa Fe Dining’s beer, or as he was recently named, Director of Brewing Operations. Yes, the Dark Lord of Fermentation came to us two years ago, fresh off the boat from New England Brewing Co., and since has enjoyed a lot of success brandishing the (mash) paddle for BCB.

I sat down with James just before his event to taste some of his new beers and chat about his experience in the bre

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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