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Kaktus kicks it up a notch with a new taproom and more

Kaktus’ new Nob Hill taproom has been a hit.

My latest story for our annual Look Back/Look Ahead Series took me to two different towns. That is what happens when Kaktus Brewing moves out of just their cozy space in Bernalillo and opens a taproom in Nob Hill. That alone was the big move of 2015 for Kaktus, but it was far from the only story they had to tell. I sat down with owner Dana Koller at the taproom and then met with brewer Michael Waddy at the original location to discuss the crazy finish to last year and what they have planned here in 2016.

“Oh, man, 2015 was great,” Dana said. “It was basically our second year doing business. It was our year to actually make some incredible improvements, both food-wise and beer-wise, since we serve both.”

Even before the Nob Hill taproom opened, Kaktus was expanding their brewing capacity.

“We upped our brewing system,” Dana said. “We started getting prepared for a 5-barrel system instead of a 2-barrel system, starting with (more) fermenters.

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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