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Kassik's Brewery from Kenai, Alaska, in the United States...

Kassik’s Brewery

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Kassik's Brewery
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United States brewery location
Kassik's Brewery from Kenai, Alaska, in the United States...
Brewery:Kassik's Brewery
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Kassik's Brewery
Address: 47160 Spruce Haven St,
United States
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Kassik's Brewery
Kassik's Brewery from Kenai, Alaska, in the United States.
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Kassik's Brewery
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The First of November
So, in spite of my best efforts, it's been over three weeks since my last blog. Oh well, what can I say?Part of the reason is the other Drinking on the Last Frontier, my monthly radio show. If you missed my broadcast on last Saturday, October 28th, you can listen to a recording of it on the KDLL website. Just click on this link. By the ... Read more
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Back in the Saddle Again
Hello! It's been quite some time since I got one of these blog posts up; more than a month, in fact, which is a long time, even for me. For those of you who have been wondering, let me tell you what happened. In early September, I had some minor surgery on my right hand. After several months of going back and forth with the Veterans Administrat ... Read more
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Summer's Passing
With all the rain we've been getting lately here on the Peninsula, it seems more like fall than the end of summer. Things are definitely heading in that direction, with schools starting back up and the fireweed in full bloom. Soon we'll start seeing pumpkin beers on the shelves again, a sure sign of the change of seasons. The Kenai Peni ... Read more
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Festivals, Festivals!
It's late summer here in Alaska, which seems to be just about everyone's favorite time to have a beer festival. There are two great ones coming up this weekend: the 7th Annual Kenai Peninsula Beer Festival and Augtoberfest 2017. I've written extensively about them both in recent blogs, so if you need any more information about either of th ... Read more

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