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Natchez Brewing Company
Natchez Brewing Company

Kickstarter campaign for Natchez Brewing Company

Who are we? We are Natchez Brewing Company, a nano brewery, still in the build out stage, located in Natchez MS. We are a husband and wife team, Patrick and Lisa Miller. Patrick started home brewing roughly 6 years ago after being exposed to Craft Beer while living in Asheville NC. When I moved to Asheville to be with Pat he introduced me to Craft beer and I fell in love! When we discovered our family was about to expand with the arrival of our 3rd daughter we decided it was time to move to Natchez MS to be close to family, where Pat was born and raised.

Once we arrived, early summer 2012 we were taken aback by the lack of craft beer available. In Ms, it wasn’t until July 2012 that the ABV was raised from 6.25% to 10.1% thanks to the hard work and efforts made by ‘Raise Your Pints’. So Craft Beer was and is just starting to blossom here in MS.

We wanted to start our own business and to us it seemed like a no-brainer that it would be involving Craft Beer in one way or another, knowing the market here was just in its infancy. We decided on opening a distribution brewery, it combined our love and passion for making beer and sharing it with others.
When discussing our business model our decision to start at as a nano was based on wanted to go at this debt free and grow with demand.

Which brings us to our Kickstarter campaign. All of our funding at this point is based on our ‘Day Job’ income and savings, which slows progress. To give a boost to our production we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to offset some of the build out costs.

The location we chose was so important, with Natchez being a place with such history, we knew that not only did we needed to represent that in our branding but the brewery itself needed to encompass the nostalgia of Natchez and the south. Our building is at 413 Franklin St in downtown, a few blocks from the bluff. The interior has 15ft ceilings with exposed heart pine joists and red brick walls.

We believe that what we bring to Craft Beer is something unique. We are intertwining what is old by celebrating the nostalgia of this beautiful historic city along with fresh new brews as part of the new emerging industry here in our state.

So, with that said we hope that you may have an interest in our story and could help spread the word so that we can get our campaign funded. All and any support will be very much appreciated!

Lisa and Pat Miller
Natchez Brewing Company, LLC


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