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Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg

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Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg
(Primary Location)
Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg
Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg from Heidelberg in Germany...
Brewery:Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg
Tel#:+49 6221 502980
Fax#:+49 6221 5029879
Features:Brewpub, Food Menu
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Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg
Address: Leyergasse 6,
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Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg
Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg from Heidelberg in Germany.
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Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg
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C'est la bière
Paris is the city of love, allegedly. It is also a city of culture, fine wining and dining, history and the Metro. What Paris is definitely not known for is beer, and for this reason (as well as some minor other ones) I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the French capital. It’s definitely an interesting and, at ti ... Read more
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Happy birthday eh!
Canada’s national day is July 1st every year. This day is known across the world as Canada Day, which I have persistently campaigned to be shortened to “Canaday”, though this has yet to catch on. The day commemorates the joining of the colonies Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec to form a “kingdom in its own ... Read more
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Land of Hops and Barley
Every so often, I just have to sit down and see what happens. I don’t mean on the toilet – that’s much more predictable – I mean in front of the PC, with a blank sheet of virtual paper in front of me, a couple of beers down the hatch already, and another one sitting nicely in the glass, just waiting for me to nip into it ... Read more
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Beerection day!
I have noticed lately that every fourth year is a lot longer than the intervening three. This is partially due to the fact that this is the leap year and therefore contains an extra day – February has the cheek to add an extra day even though it’s in the middle of winter – but the real reason this particular year is so incredi ... Read more

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