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Museu da Cerveja in Lisbon
Museu da Cerveja Lisbon, Portugal

Beer Museum in Lisbon, Portugal

Brewing artifacts
Brewing artifacts

During our recent trip to Portugal we stayed in the capital Lisbon. Lisbon has many squares but in the main one overlooking the river we found a Beer Museum called ‘Museu sa Cerveja‘. The museum consists of a number of exhibits including:

  • A history of beer.
  • A history of Portuguese brands of beer including those of the current and former colonies including Madeira, Angola and others. These exhibits included bottles and signs to show how they have evolved over time.
  • A reconstruction of a room in a monastery where beer would have been produced as ‘liquid bread’ for consumption during a fasting period.

As part of the Euro 6.50 entrance fee we were handed a commemorative pottery mug which we later found out was for a sample of the Museu da Cerveja Bohemia beer that is brewed solely for the museum and aims to replicate the type of beer that the monks would have brewed in their day.

Drinks menu
Drinks menu

In addition to being a museum there is also a restaurant on the ground floor and outside a seating area where the house beers can be sampled as well as bottled beers from Portugal and current/former colonies. Note the vacuum glasses with the upturned bottle shape inside (see ‘Drinks menu’ picture on the right). The house beers are all around 5.0-5.6% ABV:

  • Branco – a pilsner.
  • Preta – a black lager.
  • Bohemia – an amber lager.

Museu da Cerveja can be contacted and found at:

Museu da Cerveja
Terreiro do Paço – Ala Nascente – Nº 62 a 65
1100-148 Lisbon

Tel: +351 210 987 656

Email: info@museudacerveja.pt

Below are details of the museum brochure:

Musea da Cerveja
1) Musea da Cerveja
2) History
3) Museum
4) Portugal
5) Discovery
6) Brewery
7) Gastronomy
8) Contact

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