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New Beer Friday 3/3/17

I’d like to thank the “Academy” for this prestigious honor. New Beer Friday began as a dream. A dream to find a pint of something new every week. I’d also like to thank my wife – who keeps me grounded, by roller her eyes at me at every available opportunity.

Talisman Imperial Coffee Stout with Cocoa nibs – This is under the Talisman Presents label Look for big coffee in the nose and on the palate. Chocolate rounds out the back with some acid coffee in the finish. Made with Wasatch Roasting Company and Ritual Chocolate. 9.5% ABV @ Talisman

Wasatch Denali UTX – I Haven’t tried this one yet – look for a nice lemon/lime aspect from the hops with some slight resin. 4.0% ABV @ Wasatch/Squatters

Strap Tank Lorraine Tart Cherry Saison – I Haven’t tried this one yet – It was made with Mexican hibiscus and tart cherries.You have my attention sir! 4.0% ABV @ Strap Tank

Strap Tank Road Rash IPA – This Beer isn’t really new, ,just previously unmentioned.Straight up resony pine and grapfruit peel wit …

Source: Utah Beer

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