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New Beer Friday 5/30/14

Happy New Beer Friday! The theme of the day is apparently Belgian-ish Quadruple Ales. Seems like an odd time of year for big boozy barrel age beers, but fear not  – there are a couple of locally made “quenchers” to help keep the balance as well.

Bohemian Rheinländische Bitterbier: The Bohemian Reasearch Team uncovered this forgotten lager style in an ancient, Rheinland tomb. It’s a hop driven lager that boasts 45 IBU’s and has an orange unfiltered appearance.  This Rheinlandische Bitterbier is dry-hopped with Tettnang for a fruity and herbal aroma that continues into subtle citrus notes for a beer that finishes clean and crisp with a pleasant bitterness that lingers long after the last sip. 4.0% @ Bohemian and select Boho accounts

Moab Little Steamer: The nose is bready with grass, pine and floral notes. The taste follows the aroma, with a sweet breadiness combined with nicely balanced floral and pine hops. The end is a bit earthy but it finishes toasty, grassy and dry. 4.0% @ Moa

Source: Utah Beer

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