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New Beer Friday: Adiós 2017

What a weird year 2017 has been, there’s been no shortage of strange shit and many of us wondered if we were living in some kind of alternate reality. However, there was one thing that wasn’t out of Bizzaro-Land; Utah had a record breaking year in regards to brewery expansion. 2017 saw the  addition of A.Fisher Brewing Co., the RoHa Brewing Project, RPM Brewing Co.and Kiitos Brewing Co. to our brewery count. As I see it, Utah now has 28 breweries (counting two independent brew houses for Roosters and Proper and three for the Wasatch/Squatters group). 2018 will likely see an additional three or four new breweries added to the roster. I don’t have to tell you that a vibrant beer scene will help take Utah’s beer culture out of the 1970’s while greatly improve the outstanding local beverages we currently enjoy. Happy New Beer Friday and please have a happy and safe New Year!
Strap Tank Barrel Aged Stout: This is a barrel strength stout. Meaning it is not blended with a fresh batch of th

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