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New Beer Friday- Seer Stone Edition

This week the Mormons released this image of what is said to be seer stone used by Joseph Smith to translate some “divine” texts into the Book of Mormon. As I look through this magic stone, all I can see is some serious New Beer Friday action and I think there’s a peep show somewhere in there as well…. Yeah, I know – tough call, eh? Regardless, it’s a pretty diverse New Beer Friday. Please enjoy! 

Ballast Point – Habenero Sculpin: The nose has a bit of grapefruit and a hint of chille meat. The taste is where this one really shines. It begins with grapefruit peel and flesh, balanced by a light mango sweetness and pine. Next comes vegetal habanero with an increasing presence of grapefruit peel and more pine resin. Finish is highly spicy and modestly bitter with peppers, grapefruit peel and grainy malt. If you like pepper beers this one will be right up your zip code. There’s a near perfect balance of west coast IPA and pepper heat. 7.0% ABV @ BeerHive, Beer Bar, Slackwater

Sierra Ne

Source: Utah Beer

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