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New Beer Friday the 13th Part Deux

Be warned, I’m feeling a little ornery on this New Beer Friday morning. I desperately need a little attitude adjustment. Any suggestions?

2 Row Breakfast Stout: The newest entry from 2 Row has a nice aroma of coffee and some herbal hops. The Taste follows with some smoked molasses added and cocoa as well. The end is surprisingly hoppy and herbal. It’s slightly over-hopped which seems to muddle the coffee flavors in my opinion. It looks like it’s quite a hit. Don’t wait too long, it moving fast! 7.8% ABV  Available at 2 Row and your better beer bars and restaurants.

Lagunitas Eroica: Th is new beer from Lagunitas pours a light amber color with little head retention. The nose tart and oaky with a bit of vinegar. It tastes mildly tart with oak-y red wine and tart cherry. A bit of vinegar in the end as well. It finishes dry with lingering sour notes. It’s light and tasty, though I’m note sure what this beer is trying to be. Fuck it. Let it just be a tasty, tart beer. 8.0% ABV. Available at  …

Source: Utah Beer

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