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New Belgium Brewing Expands To Hawaii

Just confirmed with a source at New Belgium Brewing that they will be expanding to Hawaii in the next 6-12 months. More details to come as they get everything in place.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview in Beer Marketer’s Insights

Most of New Belgium’s moves into remaining unopened markets are “Asheville-dependent,” Joe explained. The co has “Pennsylvania distributors at the brewery this week,” in Fort Collins, as NBB launches there in “next couple of weeks.” Joe and team have been looking at NY and NJ over “last month or two.” Current expectation is NJ in spring, NY in summer/fall. NBB’s “looking to open” some other “smaller markets” in “next six to twelve months,” including Hawaii and West Virginia. The rest of New England will come later. 

– Joe Menetre, VP of D Sales, New Belgium

Source: Beer in Hawaii

Read the full article here.

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