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New Mexico Brewers Guild unveils 2021 events calendar

All the IPA on a tray will return this November!

Thanks to an out-of-nowhere stomach bug, yours truly has been on the injured list over the last 24-hours-plus. While that has kept me from venturing out to talk to any brewery folks, it does not mean that the beer news has stopped.

The New Mexico Brewers Guild included the events calendar for 2021 in its last two newsletters, and with the Albuquerque Journal having mentioned some of events in a recent article, we figured it was fine if we went as in-depth as possible on all that is to come for the second half of this year.

First up, as anyone who follows the Guild knows, is the NMBG Fundraiser Golf Outing at Tanoan Country Club on July 26. The event is now sold out, though the Guild is still seeking sponsors. If you are a business owner who might be interested in becoming a sponsor, click on this link.

Next up, on September 7, is NMBG Pint Day. We don’t have any additional info on this one, save that it is to take place sta

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

Read the full article here.

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