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Nouvelle Bière Vendredi!!! (New Beer Friday)

I only found one this week new beer this week it’s a local seasonal full of roasted goodness.

Moab Coffee Porter – This is a new seasonal offering from Moab. It has a pleasant coffee nose with hint of malt in the back. The taste is cold pressed coffee with raw and roasted grain some minor bitter cocoa bitterness. Finishes bitter and dry. If you’re not big on coffee you may still enjoy this one. I drink a lot of coffee so I wouldn’t mind it being a little ramped up coffee wise. 4.0% ABV On draft where you’ll find Moab’s seasonal taps.

Last week I screwed up the Bayou’s firkin offering. This week is the much anticipated Annex IPL with Swedish Fish. So once again, if you feel your not not getting enough gelatin in your beer, today is one hoof smacking day. It goes without saying (but I’m gunna) these “gummi beers” are not Vegetarian/Vegan friendly. The Bayou taps at 3:30

The Annex is providing a “Lovers Day Firkin on Saturday (not Friday). They will be pouring The Annex Irish Red with …

Source: Utah Beer

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