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Ocelot’s Adrien Widman on Winning GABF Bronze

Earlier this week, we brought you the good news that some DC area breweries had medaled at the Great American Beer Festival last week. One of these was Ocelot Brewing, which won bronze with their “Powers of Observation,” a Baltic-style Porter. I had a chance to chat via email with Ocelot’s owner and founder, Adrien Widman, about the win. What follows below is a lightly edited transcript of our conversation. Congratulations to Adrien and the entire Ocelot team!

DCBeer: Of all the styles that one might expect Ocelot to win a GABF medal for, Baltic Porter is not one of them. Last year, you guys won for a Kellerbier, which is also a departure from the focus on West Coast IPAs. Being honest, are you guys a bit

Adrien Widman: Excellent question and one that I got a lot last year when our unfiltered Pilsner won in the Kellerbier category. The model at Ocelot has always been from its inception a model that evolves with our tastes. Basically a model that has no model if you will. We have been

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