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Odd13 Professor Hops

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Odd13 Professor Hops
Odd13 Professor Hops
Professor Hops is the leader of the Odd Squad, guiding his fellow heroes with wisdom and leading them into battle. He smites his enemies by throwing hop cones that explode into intoxicating clouds of lupulin. He travels by swinging from hop vines that appear seemingly out of nowhere.
Style:Belgian & French Ale > Belgian Specialty Ale
Ingredients:Fermentables: 2-Row Barley
Hops: Summit, Simcoe, Centennial
Original Gravity:1.060
ABV:6.8 %
Availability:Year round
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Odd13 Professor Hops
Professor Hops is a Belgian-style IPA, pale in color. He blends pungent hops with unique Belgian yeast that impart herbal and citrus flavors. A hint of Brettanomyces rounds out the flavor, and causes the beer to evolve continuously as it ages.
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Odd13 Brewing
Odd13 Brewing
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Address: 301 E Simpson St,
Colorado 80026,
United States
Social Media:Facebook Twitter
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