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Odd13 Succubus

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Odd13 Succubus
Odd13 Succubus
Succubus seduces your taste buds with amazingly balanced flavor, but she does not seem to linger. It's only after she's gone that you realize how powerful she is, and how much more you want her. That's when you're trapped.

Belgian beers of this style traditionally feature names with devilish themes, like Duvel or Lucifer. Succubus is devilish - devilishly delicious.
Style:Belgian Strong Ale > Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Ingredients:Fermentables: Castle Pilsen, Dextrose
Hops: Czech Saaz, Styrian Goldings
Original Gravity:1.079
ABV:9.7 %
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Odd13 Succubus
A strong golden Belgian-style ale, Succubus hides significant alcohol behind luscious fruit flavors that come from Belgian yeast and European hops. Styrian Golding hops impart a lemon/orange citrus flavor, while Czech Saaz balance the citrus with an herbal spicy note.
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Odd13 Brewing
Odd13 Brewing
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Address: 301 E Simpson St,
Colorado 80026,
United States
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