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On Tap (July 20th)

Check out this week’s On Tap column for The Advocate that’s published here.

Road tripping to 8 New Orleans breweries in a weekend

On a recent hot summer weekend, a couple of my favorite New Orleans breweries released new beers at their taprooms. Never one to miss an opportunity, a buddy and I decided to make it an impromptu guys weekend.

What started as a visit to a couple breweries turned into plans to visit as many breweries as we could in the entire city.

The two breweries that were hosting beer releases were NOLA Brewing and Urban South Brewing, two places I’ve visited on numerous occasions. NOLA Brewing has been on a roll of late, with multiple limited release hoppy IPAs making their debut the past few months, and I was determined to go visit the taproom for one of these releases. Urban South seems to have a new taproom-only release every weekend, and while I can’t make it down there as often as I’d like, this seemed like a good idea to kill two birds with one stone.

We began our

Source: The Ale Runner

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