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On Tap (June 21st)

Check out this week’s On Tap column for The Advocate that’s published here.

Paying tribute to American craft beer pioneers

I’ll admit it: I’m one of those people who’s always chasing the latest and greatest thing. Whether it’s the trendy new restaurant or gadget that promises to make my life easier, there are times when I forget about the tried and true in favor of the flavor of the week.

When it comes to craft beer, I’m no different, and there are scores of people just like me. Gone are the days of brand loyalty. We all want something new before we move on to something even newer. It’s easy to forget about the breweries and beers that paved the way for our glut of choices today. Sometimes, it’s nice to revisit those beers and remember why we started drinking better beer in the first place.

Here’s a six-pack of those craft beer pioneers that influenced a generation of beer drinkers. These are still readily available, though sometimes forgotten.

Anchor Steam

Arguably the original Americ

Source: The Ale Runner

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