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One Weekend in Hackney

We turned an invitation to a wedding in Folkestone into a ten-day trip to London and Kent. Even though it was a family trip we had plenty of time to visit some interesting beer places. Writing an entire blogpost about the state of beer in London would be insane. The city is about half the size in both population and area as my own little country. It would take weeks to get some sense of the London beer scene. Therefore I will stick to just one part of the city, Hackney, where we stayed with friends before traveling on to Canterbury.


If you like book markets, vegetarian food, thrift stores and other hipster things this is the place for you. It even has a wooden spoon store. Really, no joke, a store sells spoons made of wood. No wonder that breweries have started here as well, probably helped by the for London standards at least somewhat affordable living- and working space. It’s a neighborhood everyone wants to live, a neighborhood very close to the City but with enough there to

Source: The Dutch Beer Pages

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