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Pateros Creek Car 21

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Pateros Creek Car 21
Pateros Creek Car 21
The younger brother of an ESB made with all English hops, malt and yeast, Car 21 has a sharp but spicy hop bitterness up front that finishes caramelly with toffee undertones.
Style:English Pale Ale > Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Original Gravity:1.047
ABV:4.5 %
Availability:Year round
Packaging:Growler (64oz), Draft (or Draught)
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Pateros Creek Car 21
What does Car 21 mean? A throwback to younger days, Car 21 is named after the locally famous Birney Safety Car Trolley that still runs in Fort Collins today. Hop on Car 21 in the summer for a fun ride between downtown and city park.
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Pateros Creek Brewing
Pateros Creek Brewing
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Address: 242 N College Ave,
Unit B,
Fort Collins,
Colorado 80524,
United States
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