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Pi Brewing turns sour (beers) into sweet success in 2016

The biggest change of the year was re-branding Nicky V’s into Pi Brewing. (Photo courtesy of Pi Brewing)

Editor’s note: We sent Andrew to Pi Brewing for its Look Back/Look Ahead Series entry a while back. Pardon the delay. Let him know how he did in his first Brew Crew Bullpen story in the comments. — S

Tuesday, November 8 was a day that will likely go down in history as the Election Day that marked the end of one of the most divisive presidential campaign seasons …. not to mention one of the most unprecedented election results in American history. I confess that it was also a day where I was glad to have a distraction from the political process (after voting earlier in the day, of course). That distraction was Pi Brewing on Albuquerque’s West Side. I had suggested the date to Greg Villareal, head brewer and co-owner with his wife, Nicole, a week or two prior. At the time, it hadn’t occurred to me that we had picked Election Day. If Election Day 2016 becomes one of those days that you

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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