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Pic(k) of the Week: Pouring Blue Bee Cider

There are only a handful of American cideries found literally within a city’s boundaries. Blue Bee Cider is one of those few. Located in Richmond, Virginia, it first opened in July 2013, the first, and yet only, ‘urban’ cidery in the state.

I visited Blue Bee a year later, in April 2014. Its small warehouse and tasting room are located in the Old Manchester district, a partly gritty, partly re-vitalizing neighborhood, found across the James River from Richmond’s downtown.

Our guide/host/pourer told me that Blue Bee grows most of its apples in orchards leased in Nelson County, and on a few trees planted in an ‘urban’ orchard in Richmond itself. The apples are pressed, and the juice fermented and bottled, at the cidery. Production is small but increasing: 2,500 cases of cider in 2013.

Above, she’s poured Charred Ordinary. The winery —and that’s what a cidery is. Apples are fruits, just as grapes are— describes this cider this way:

Hay, mushrooms, and bruised apple in the aroma. Dr

Source: VA Beer Trail

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