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Pretentious Beer Company | Glass Meets Beer

There is a chill in the air. The leaves are colorful, crisp and basically totally covering my yard now.  I have to say this is my favorite season by far. People seem to relax more, chill out, hit a patio and hang out with friends and great beers. Take a look around this great city and relish in what we have become.  You can’t throw a stone downtown with out hitting a new brewery.  What an amazing time we have come upon and what amazing beer as well.  I have not had a beer I have not loved from the likes of Crafty Bastard, Last Days, Alliance, etc.  Now it is time to add another location to hang out with your buds, listen to some tunes and grab some of the best beer this town has to offer.

Matthew Cummings had been chilling in Louisville for a time devising his plan to bridge the gap between beer styles and the lack of glassware that would enhance that particular style.  He rolled into Knoxville two years ago and now not only do we have Pretentious Glass Company but we also have the ot

Source: Knox Beer Snobs

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