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Santa Fe Brewing releases the ECS Belgian Strong Ale

It’s like Mad Libs for grownups!

Santa Fe Brewing Co. just released the latest brew in their Ever Changing Series, the (ECS) Belgian Strong Ale. It’s big, bold, and very Belgian. The 3 Bs of the powerful, yet un-hoppy brews. Now, before I get into exactly what I mean by all that, I want to discuss Belgian beers briefly to help us understand where the Belgian Strong fits into the wide spectrum of Belgians out there in the marketplace.

Belgian beers in their lightest iterations are easy to drink. At the top end, they can be more of a challenge to the taste buds. The majority of the uninitiated, the non-self-styled-beer-geeks, are familiar with the Belgian-style Witbier or Belgian White. And why not? They’re like adult Capri-Suns. That sweeter, fruit-forward, lower IBU flavor profile certainly appeals to the masses who are just experiencing their first brews that aren’t American light lagers (even if two of those more popular Belgian-style whites are owned by the big guys). I’m certainly

Source: NM Dark Side Brew Crew

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