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Saugatuck Brewing Company

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Saugatuck Brewing Company
(Primary Location)
Saugatuck Brewing Company
Saugatuck Brewing Company from Douglas, Michigan, in the United States. Established 2004. Founded by Barry Johnson...
Brewery:Saugatuck Brewing Company
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Opening Hours:
Fall/Winter Hours
Sunday - Thursday - 11:30 to 9 PM (kitchen open until 9)
Friday - 11:30 to 10 PM (kitchen open until 10)
Saturday — 11:30 to 11 PM
Founders:Barry Johnson
Features:Brewpub, Food Menu, Entertainment, Tours
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Saugatuck Brewing Company
Address: 2948 Blue Star Hwy,
P.O. Box 856,
Michigan 49406,
United States
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Saugatuck Brewing Company
In late 2004, a three-phase microbrewery development plan was contemplated by founder and original brewmaster Barry Johnson. And alas, Saugatuck Brewing Company (SBC) was conceived. Beginning on June 23, 2005 a small, intimate, start up brewery utilizing only a small 3.5 barrel “Brew-On Premise” system was created in a leased industrial unit on Enterprise Drive, just across the road from the current location. The second phase of SBC began in June of 2008 when the entire operation was…

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