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SAVOR 2014 Brewery Profile: Societe Brewing

Name: Societe Brewing Company

Location: San Diego, CA

Website: http://societebrewing.com/

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: Societe took the unprecedented step of reaching out to us in advance of this SAVOR profile. Mike Sardina, whose title at the brewery is “Ruler of the Underworld (Assistant Exec. Officer)” sent us an email with some information about the brewery.

“Our brewery was founded by two professional brewers: Travis Smith and Douglas Constantiner. Travis was Vinnie’s first brewery hire at Russian River Brewing Company, where he learned the art and science of brewing from his mentors, Vinnie and Brian Hunt (of Moonlight Brewing Company). After about 5 years at Russian River, Travis relocated to Southern California, where he took a job at The Bruery in Placientia, California. Meanwhile, Doug had been working as an accountant on Wall Street in New York, when he decided to move to San Diego to become a professional brewer. Once in San Die

Source: DC Beer

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