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Schell’s Bock

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Schell's Bock
Schell's Bock
This dark amber colored beer sports a robust malt character.
Style:Bock > Traditional Bock
ABV:6.1 %
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Schell's Bock
Each year the promise of spring was confirmed as the first keg of Schell's Bock rolled onto waiting delivery wagons. And since 1860, Schell's Bock has continued in the true German tradition. Completely reformulated for 2009, Schell's Bock has replaced Caramel Bock as our late winter seasonal. Brewed with a harmonious blend of 10 different types of malt and noble hops, Schell's Bock is fermented slowly, and then lagered for an extended period of time to ensure a smooth finish. Perfect for passing…
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August Schell Brewing
August Schell Brewing
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Address: 1860 Schell Road,
New Ulm,
Minnesota 56073,
United States
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