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Schell’s Goosetown

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Schell's Goosetown
Schell's Goosetown
This is our interpretation of a traditional, German-style Gose. The beer pours clear, golden orange in color, with a thick white foam head.
Ingredients:Malts: Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, Dark Wheat Malt
Hops: Smaragd Hops
Spices: Coriander and Salt
ABV:4.7 %
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Schell's Goosetown
We are excited to announce our new seasonal beer - Schell’s Goosetown available from April through September! Schell’s Goosetown is named after a neighborhood located across the tracks and down by the Minnesota River in New Ulm, where mostly Catholic German-Bohemian immigrants began settling in the late 1800s. These immigrants kept and raised gaggles of geese, which wandered freely throughout the neighborhood and fed along the banks of the river. Schell's Goosetown is our interpretation o…
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August Schell Brewing
August Schell Brewing
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Address: 1860 Schell Road,
New Ulm,
Minnesota 56073,
United States
Social Media:Facebook Twitter
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