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Schell’s Maifest

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Schell's Maifest
Schell's Maifest
This full-bodied, blond dopple bock has a rich, assertive maltiness with a slight, but unique sweetness balanced by a moderate hop bitterness and a citrusy hop aroma.
Style:Bock > Maibock/Helles Bock
ABV:6.7 %
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Schell's Maifest
Maifest is a seasonal specialty beer offered in the spring months. It is brewed with a blend of three different specialty malts and the finest imported and domestic hops, in the tradition of Munich's Hofbrauhaus Maibock (My-Bock) beer.

Considered by the locals as the birthplace of the Bock beer style, the Hofbrauhaus brews different versions of Bock beer at several points during the year. Most important of these is their Maibock or Maifest beer. The Prime Minister of Bavaria and the M…
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August Schell Brewing
August Schell Brewing
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Address: 1860 Schell Road,
New Ulm,
Minnesota 56073,
United States
Social Media:Facebook Twitter
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