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Screaming Into the Void (January 19, 2017 Edition)

Each week, Tony Budny pens SCREAMING INTO THE VOID and looks at the best in writing and social media conversation around the biggest issues in beer. If you feel something should be included, have a tip, or just want to sound off, feel free to look him up on Twitter @DrinksTheThings or email DCBeer.

It’s time for another edition of The Void, brought you by confirmation bias. You ever want to have a big, cold glass of expectation? Bryan Roth says pour yourself a glass of socially constructed beer dry-hopped with authenticity. Mmmmmm, social constructs….

Did somebody say dry-hopped?

Oh. Oh no. This time you’ve gone too far.

You know what else shouldn’t look like that? Cask beer. Thomas Cizauskas says that isn’t going well either in Britain, let alone the US. And across the pond a new wrinkle has been thrown into the recent debate: a brand new price war.

Kate Bernot says welcome to the January seasonal beer slump. Or is it just a perception? The article mentions big stouts and barleywin

Source: DC Beer

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