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Screaming Into the Void (January 9, 2017 Edition)

Each week, Tony Budny pens SCREAMING INTO THE VOID and looks at the best in writing and social media conversation around the biggest issues in beer. If you feel something should be included, have a tip, or just want to sound off, feel free to look him up on Twitter @DrinksTheThings or email DCBeer.

I have finally dragged myself out of bed post-New Year’s, dusted off the lingering, weeks-long hangover, and sat down to write The Void. There can be no more Void ennui-inducing number than 2017. 2016, though, was a great year for beer. You’ve seen the year-end wrap-ups extolling the virtues of beers old and new that came and went last year, and we were all better for having had a sip of them, if we were able. But this humble beer writer prefers to look forward, not backward. As Bryan Roth says, there is an increasing chance you won’t get to have the best beers available on the market, so take whatever opportunities you can to quench your thirst with JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCE or wha

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