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Screaming Into the Void (May 15, 2017 Edition)

Each week (ha),Tony Budny pens SCREAMING INTO THE VOID and looks at the best in writing and social media conversation around the biggest issues in beer. If you feel something should be included, have a tip, or just want to sound off, feel free to look him up on Twitter @DrinksTheThings or email DCBeer.

Welcome to Void 3: Return of the Void, or, It Never Left, You Just Missed Beer Links. In true Void fashion, we completely blew through the one year anniversary and celebrated it with nothing but bars and tone on DCBeer dot com. But don’t worry, since it has been a year and for some reason the meteor o’death hasn’t arrived yet, we felt it best to change the pic to the next great trendy pic related to the end times and this blog.

There, that’s better. The Void still had a better week than whoever this was, though.

So, what’s been up around here since the last time we published one of these voids, eh?


Ahahahha, okay. Well, I guess we picked the wrong we

Source: DC Beer

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