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Septemberfests and the Autumnal Event Roundup

The beer people in Kansas City have learned over the years that summer is no time for a beer festival. And thank gawd for that. I remember the early days of the KC Beer Fest sweating out twice the volume that I was putting down on the top deck of a parking garage at the Legends. It was unholy hot. With no shade. On a concrete structure positioned nearer to the sun. We’ve all learned.

So, with much gratitude, spring and fall have blossomed into the season for beer festivals. And it’s that time again. The 2016 KC Beer Fest passed while I was recovering from a week’s vacation across eight states with two kids under five. Forgive me for that one. But there’s plenty of festivals, anniversaries, and celebrations coming up in the next month or so. Let’s run them down!

Fall 2016 Beer Events in Kansas City

KC Oktoberfest

Friday, September 16–Sunday, September 18 at Union Station

Tickets: $10/day

From the folks who bring you the KC Brew Fest com

Source: KC Beer Scouts

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