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sLim Reviews Flix Brewhouse; Des Moines, IA

I’d been looking for an excuse to check this place out for some time now. But with there not being any film releases the past few months to get excited about, my first Flix experience was not until earlier this week. The movie that was able to draw me in was Mad Max: Fury Road. A visually stunning and exciting movie that held my attention for the entire feature.

This is not a movie blog, however, it is a beer blog. So that will be the extent of my comments on the film. It’s worth mentioning that they brewed a beer for this movie: fury road IPA. Was not able to secure any more info on this brew but the gentleman in our party who tried it out described it as “okay”.

Beer: Overall, it’s a great experience for the craft beer lover. They have 40+ taps and several of them are high quality brews that are not offered at most establishments. Some examples would include Surly Todd the Axeman & Abrasive, Boulevard Saison Brett, and North Coast Old Rasputin. Shortly after they opened they briefly

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