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Snallygaster 2019: Our Top Ten Lists

What’s that? You want more Snallygaster 2019 content? You want more rankings and lists and things to argue over? Fine fine, twist our collective arm. But first, you should buy tickets

Again, note that this year Snallygaster is mixing it up a bit; beers no longer cost Snallybucks, and with price removed from the calculations we think you’ll see longer lines for some of the more coveted beers at the festival. You’re no longer paying in cold, hard cash, you’re paying in something more precious: time. That means it’s time to introduce… line beers! 

Photo of a long queue - Lines may be long at Snallygaster 2019, don't queu up empty handed, get a line beer first!
The lines may be long, so don’t queue up empty-handed!

Line beers: the beers you drink while waiting in line for #whaelzbro!™

Jake’s Top 10 Line Beers – Domestic Edition 

  1. Bierstadt Märzen Märzen 5.0% Jabberwock
  2. Black Narrows How Bout It Pale Lager w/ Heirloom Corn 4.2% Rodan
  3. Ocelot Sunnyside Dweller Pilsner 5.1% Mothra
  4. Creature Comforts Eukaryote Dry-Hopped Saison 4.4% Nessie
  5. Oxbow Past Tense Mixed Fermentation Grisette 5.5% Gargoyle

Source: DC Beer

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