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Squatters Barrel Fever Double Bock

Here’s a new small batch release from Squatters. Barrel Fever Double Bock appears to be Wasatch’s Devastator Double Bock aged in High West Whiskey barrels and re-branded to Squatters. It’s all made under the same roof. I guess it doesn’t matter what label it’s under. This beer has been aging for quite a few months and is finally ready to hit the market.

Barrel Fever is described as having woody – maple/vanilla notes with that great High West Whiskey character. It dials in at a big 11.2% ABV and will be available in 22oz. bombers. Dopple Bocks work great with barrel aging. The sweet toffee malt flavors work seamlessly with the whiskey notes. I’m really looking forward to trying this. As soon as it hits the shelves we’ll spread the word. Hopefully by week’s end or early next week.

And yes, I did notice that the labels refers to this lager as an ale. Weird.

Prost! …

Source: Utah Beer

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