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Starr Hill Brewery | Fall Tour Variety Pack – 2 New Seasonals!

Howdy fellow snobs!

FALL! Football! Fall beer! I know many of us aren’t hot on the pumpkin beers that we start seeing in the summer BUT there are so many other great beers that accompany the fall season. I can also appreciate the fact that many breweries are looking to set themselves apart from the pumpkin madness (that and apparently pumpkin is a bit hard to come by this year). In this case, our friends at Starr Hill Brewery decided to try something a bit different – a variety pack with two newbies in the mix – Basketcase AFall Tourmerican Helles and Last Leaf Maple Brown Ale.

Now, these two newbies are joined by two old favorites, Northern Lights IPA and Whiter Shade White IPA. Being as we’ve checked those two out previously, we’ve hyperlinked to them. Don’t worry, quality control is our middle name, if  the current examples didn’t live up to the previous posts, we’d let you know – however, we all know that’s not how Starr Hill rolls!

So, newbies, let’s check ’em out:

Basketcase_HellesBasketcase American Hell

Source: Knox Beer Snobs

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